Embrace social media platforms and you too could be #winning

Sometimes it can be daunting for a small business to take the plunge because let’s face it – you probably just want to concentrate on your business. We can help you take the first steps, show you how to use the various platforms for best success and more importantly how to promote your business and get more customers.

Help you integrate social media into your site

Let your customers share what they like about your web site, products or services. We can work with most CMS sites and scripts to embed tools to enable users to share, comment and recommend directly from your web site.

Training and advice on best practice

Not too sure what you’re doing? Have you tweeted a status update to your tumblelog rather than pinned your like on a hashtag. With years of experience we know everything there is to now about the important social media platforms. We can help you get started, train you on how use the services and make friends with some new potential customers.

Reputation Support

As much as social media can benefit your business – it can also be potentially very damaging. At progressful we’ve been tweeting and tumbling for ourselves or various other web sites and companies for years. We understand the platform, the do’s and don’ts off social media and more importantly how to sustain and maintain an online reputation.

We can manage your social media feeds

If you want – leave it all upto us and we’ll handle everything. Just let us know what you want to promote, company news or new products and services and we’ll handle everything from status updates, likes, reblogs, retweets, hashtags and reviews. Just watch the web site traffic and potential customers come flooding-in.


Interested in using social media to drive more customers and traffic to your business?

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