Mick’s Garage beats Halfords with a 30 second Youtube video

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A motorist kindly relieved my girlfriend of the glass in her wing mirror over the weekend. There wasn’t any damage to the actual wing mirror, it was just the glass that had been smashed. Naturally, any problems relating to my girlfriend’s car quickly becomes one of my problems. No worries I thought, it’s just a bit of glass. I’ll just find the replacement part online and stick it in. job done!

Halfords.. they sell this kind of stuff right?

After browsing the Halfords site for about 5 minutes looking at completely the wrong parts I took to Google and started searching for things like “Golf wing mirror glass replacement” and “How to fit new glass in Golf wing mirror”. That’s when the Mick’s motors video popped-up in the results in no.4 with a nice big Youtube video link. This was perfect. The video showed me how to fit the replacement part and where I could buy the part from. Brilliant!


I instantly donned my online marketing wizard’s hat when I saw that this slightly dogy looking 30 second instructional video meant Mick’s Garage had beaten Halfords, Amazon and eBay in the search results. What a result for a small business. The Mick’s Motors website probably didn’t have the “brand power” to beat ebay and Halfords on it’s own domain, but by hosting the video on Youtube they had literally leap-frogged their way to the front page. This video probably took them about 5 minutes to make and upload, but it’s got over 60,000 views and probably generated countless sales.

This is a text book example of a small business punching above it’s weight in the serps with some very clever content marketing. Well done Mick’s Garage!

What can we learn from this?

  1. A well targeted Youtube video is like a laser guided marketing tool for lead generation.
  2. By hosting your social marketing videos on Youtube you can “piggy back” on the Youtube brand power to get your presence felt higher in the search results.
  3. You don’t need a big expensive film crew to get good rankings from Youtube videos. I bet this video took about 5 minutes to plan and film, but it’s got over 60,000 views.

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