How to avoid 123-reg’s dodgy £9.99 IPS transfer charge

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Thinking of transferring a domain from 123-reg to another registrar? You’ll be in for a nice little £9.99 surprise then. Here’s how I avoided paying it on all my domain transfers.

Last week I wanted to move a domain over to another registrar. Not a tricky process by any means, but it can be time consuming if your dealing with a registrar that’s a bit clingy. It shouldn’t take too long I thought – it’s not like I’m dealing with GoDaddy or anything.. right? It was all going as planned until I hit the page on 123-reg where you change the IPS tag over to the new registrar – I couldn’t believe they were trying to charge me £9.99 for the privilege.

£9.99 is more than it costs to buy domain. It’s like they’re holding your domains hostage.

I did a bit of Googling as I thought if this charge has pissed me off, then it’s sure to have pissed off a few other domain owners that host with 123. Sure enough, I found this article on The Register and this really good blog post by a domain owner with a similar stance as me on charging for an IPS change.

After reading through some of the comments posted on this post on Mayne Design’s blog – it seemed there where two possible methods to try and avoid paying this absurd charge:

Method 1: Open a support ticket and complain

This worked for me. I logged-in to the control panel and opened a short ticket along the lines of “just tried to transfer out a domain and noticed a £9.99 charge. I don’t remember seeing this information when I purchased the domain and I’m not very happy”.

The ticket was escalated to a manager and a few days later I got this reply:

As a loyal 123-reg customer I have flagged your 123-reg account for free IPS Tag changes now and going forward. You are free to move domains in and out of your 123-reg account.

It was pretty easy to be honest. No arguing or lengthy phone calls – just one message and problem solved.

Method 2: Go direct to Nominet and pay £10 for bulk registrar change

If you dont get a result from 123-reg support then there’s the other option of going straight to Nominet. They will do a bulk domain IPS change for £10 + VAT. If you’re planning on moving lots of domains – then this option will save you a fortune. Instead of paying £9.99 for each domain, with Nominet it is £10 + VAT for batch of domains.

What’s all the big fuss about.. it’s only £10?

If you’ve only got 1 or 2 domains, then you’re probably thinking this is a bit of a non issue. However, if you’re a domainer or an online marketeer you’ve probably got quite a big portfolio of domains. That’s when things start to get expensive. Want to transfer a portfolio of 30 domains – that’s over £300. The bottom line is, this charge is unnecessary, not very well publicised and most domain registrars do not charge for IPS transfers at all.

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