Don’t panic about .uk you’ve got 5 years to decide

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Like most 123reg customers, I got this email last week offering me first refusal on the new .uk domain estension because I already own the’s. This got me thinking about this new tld.. am I seriously going to buy the .uk for all my domains? The simple answer is no. Well, not yet anyway.

..if you own the then you’ve automatically got your .uk reserved for 5 years

The big fact that most registrars seem to be ignoring in their .uk punting promo is the fact that if you own the then you’ve automatically got your .uk reserved for 5 years. This means there’s absolutely no need to rush and go buying any .uk domains right now in to stop squatters registering your domains or brands.

Nominet posted this page on their web site in January explaining what’s going on with the new .uk domains and warning about misleading offers from registrars. It’s definitely worth a read for anyone confused about the situation. example

  • I own (I don’t use it because I use the .com)
  • This means that is reserved by Nominet for the 5 year period.
  • Only I can buy in this 5 year period.
  • I don’t have to buy it.
  • After the 5 year period anyone can register if I haven’t

There’s no need to pre-order anything now

I can see me looking back at this blog post in about a year or two and thinking one of two things. Either the .uk domain extension flopped as nobody felt the need to switch from to .uk and I’ll be thinking

Good choice big man. Saved yourself about £300 there.

or on the other hand .uk could have been a big hit and I could be working through my reserved .uk domain names and registering them muttering expletives under my breath thinking

What a waste of money. Nominet are a joke.

Either way – I will have lost nothing by waiting to see what happens.

Keep an eye on what the big boys do

Nobody knows right now whether .uk will be a success. My only advice to owners right now would be to wait and see. Wait and see what does or If the big boys start jumping ship and moving over .uk – then that’s when consumers will start to notice the difference. Until then… hold tight, keep your credit card in your wallet and don’t worry.

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