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5 tricks to speed-up NextGen Gallery

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Nextgen Gallery is a brilliant little plugin for managing and implementing image galleries in WordPress. Unfortunately because of all it’s really cool features and it’s simplicity it’s got a pretty bulky footprint in your WordPress header and can slow down a site significantly – especially if the site is hosted on a slow-ish hosting package. Here’s some of my tricks to get Nextgen up to speed! Read More


How I got 25,323 followers on tumblr

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If you can gain a solid reputation and user following on tumblr it can have a really positive effect on your search rankings and traffic flow. One of the tumblr blogs I run and manage has been incredibly popular and raced to over 25,000 followers over the last year. Here’s my advice on how to get followers on tumblr. Read More


6 quick tricks to speed-up WordPress on slow web hosting

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I’ve always been a bit tight with hosting. When I was at Uni I got the cheapest shared server package I could find and I’d still push to get sub 3 second load times out of my sites. This has unfortunately led me to become somewhat of a wordpress optimisation ninja.

These tips are super easy. There’s no coding involved at all and you can do all the tasks right from the WordPress dashboard. I guarantee if you follow these steps you will shave seconds of your wordpress site load time. Read More


Tumblr’s non-league football chip connoisseur goes viral

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By far the best thing I saw on the web last week was this link posted on reddit – A review of chips quality at non-league football games. As a football fan and chip lover – I had no choice but to click a link like that..

With a combination of cold hard criticism and a healthy dollop of sarcasm, the tumblr blog Non-League Chips takes you on a tour of non-league football grounds of England and the chips that are sold in their canteens or catering sheds. Read More


10 steps to quickly secure your online brand

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It’s not hard to create a brand, but it is hard to create and maintain a good online reputation. It gets even harder to maintain that reputation if there’s other people using your brand name – especially on social media channels like Twitter or Facebook. It’s confusing for customers, potentially very bad for business and could cause you some big problems in the future as you try to grow. Read More


Easily speed-up WordPress by loading jQuery from Google

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Are you hosting a WordPress site on a shared hosting account or cheap and cheerful VPS? Believe it or not, it’s probably quicker for you to pull jQuery from the Google Hosted Libraries CDN than it is to load the files from your own web server. The jQuery include is about 32kb, which is about the same size as a medium sized jpeg image file. It can be a bit of a chunk to load on a slow web host considering it has to loaded in the head of every file a user visits.

It can shave about a second of the page load time on slow hosting – which is a massive improvement for usability and Google also loves fast web sites. Read More


Where to by a .ly domain name safely

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Want to buy a .ly domain name? Not sure about buying a domain name from Libya safely? Neither was I. Turns out it’s actually pretty easy and safe. I recently bought the domain name to use a short url for our social media links on twitter. I used the tool at to help me see what domain names were suitable and it turns out was available and it looked pretty cool. So, I went about the rather daunting task of registering a domain name in Libya. Yeah, that country that was recently on the news. Read More


This is what a Google search penalty looks like

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I have been working on a site this week that was hit by the recent Google Panda re-shuffle on the 14th November. This was a classic example of a panda search penalty in action and I thought it would be interesting to detail in a blog post. After a couple of hours of research I found out why the site had been penalised and knew exactly how to fix it. Read More


5 quick tips to get more followers on tumblr

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Tumblr is a brilliant tool for businesses to publicise new products and communicate with customers. It also has a thriving creative community which is awesome for sharing new ideas. I love it.. and run a few tumblr blogs which have over 25,000 active followers. Over the course of running and developing these tumblrs I’ve picked-up a few tips to really give your blog a boost for happier users, better search rankings and more followers. Read More


Foxy Bingo busted bunging blogger £112 to punt advertorials

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Jermey Kyle’s designated ball shuffling company, Foxy Bingo, have found themselves in a bit of a two and eight after a concerned blog owner posted on reddit about being asked to secretly promote the bingo site on her blog. The post on the /r/unitedkingdom/ sub has been upvoted considerably over the last few days and has without doubt caught the attention of Foxy Bingo, their shady marketing firm and almost certainly the Google web spam team Read More


Google+ gets fudged into Youtube comment system

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It’s not often I find myself using the word “fudged” with regard to Google. They’re usually pretty damn brilliant at most things.. except for one annoying habit they seem to have acquired recently. Trying to force as many of their existing users as possible to sign-up for a Google+ account. A little encouragement via “Hey, try our new G+ social network.. it’s really cool!!” is acceptable, but when you really start annoying your users. It’s not good. Read More

Gold’s Gym goes viral thanks to redditor with belly button ring

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In my years working as a web developer I’ve been asked to work on some strange projects, but I’ve never been asked to don a belly button ring. Not even a little bit. Last week on reddit, web developer rughmanchoo posted a link to a video in which he had been asked by his company to sport a considerably “spangly” belly ring and take centre stage in a viral web video for Gold’s Gym. Read More


NSFW tumblr blogs spanked with automatic NOINDEX

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Like a disgruntled priest with a drink problem I often find myself in the nether regions of tumblr late on a Friday evening – for social marketing research purposes only, of course! Moving rather swiftly on, I was talking to an old uni friend who runs a few NSFW tumblr blogs and unashamedly pushes out traffic to dating sites for a bit of pocket money. Well, enough to keep his 3 year old in lego. He was telling me about how recently tumblr has started automatically slapping a NOINDEX meta tag on any NSFW-ish tumblr blogs so effectively they can’t be indexed by search engines at all. This NOINDEX tag basically tells Google’s highly sophisticated web crawler to “do one” when it tries to index the blog. Read More


5 quick and easy tips to boost local SEO

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More and more people are switching from the Yellow Pages to Google to look for local services – “Plumbers in Quinton”, “Takeaway Pizza in Bearwood”, “Hairdressers in Harborne”.. these are the type of search phrases you want your business to be ranking well for because their relevant and highly targeted. Add to this the increase in potential customers using GPS enabled smart-phones to search for local shops and services – local SEO is massively important for small to medium sized businesses. Read More