6 places to get free stock photos for your site

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Buying stock photography from sites like iStock or Stocksy can get really expensive, really quickly. Especially if you’re blogging regularly with WordPress and you need to use a featured image on your posts. Luckily, there’s some really cool sites that offer stock photos completely free to use for both businesses and personal sites. Some of them are just as good as iStock – if not better.

Creative Commons Search + Flickr

This is my go to image stock site and I use the pictures a lot for posts on the Progressful blog. The Creative Commons image search allows you to search through sites like flickr for pictures people have taken and then released under a creative commons licence. I think this is the perfect combination of giving photographers more exposure and also enabling creative publishers access to some brilliant photos. Make sure you check the particular licence associated with the images – most require credit and some are only for non-comercial use.


Massive collection of high quality stock images contributed by users. Good search feature and all images are free to use with no attribution or author recognition required.


Scroll through a brilliant selection of very high quality photography. It’s mostly nature orientated with some very cool aspect shots. The site is updated with 10 new photos every 10 days. No attribution or author recognition is required and all images are completely copyright free.


A nice selection of free stock photos with a definite leaning to “arty” tech images of Apple products. Some very cool shots for free with the option to upgrade to a premium membership. No attribution or author recognition is required for the free pictures.


An old favourite. I think this was the first free stock photo site I ever used. It’s since been bought by Getty, which own iStock – so there’s lots of adverts on there now. Massive selection of stock photos ranging from downright cheesy to straight-up classy. Make sure you check on the “Restrictions apply” section of the images – some photos have differing usage licences and require attribution.

Morgue File

No, this is not a a selection of grim morgue images – it’s a pretty decent search engine for free stock images. The quality differs greatly as the majority of pictures are user submitted, but scroll through the pages to find some real gems. No attribution or author recognition is required.

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