5 social marketing ideas for a Bed and Breakfast

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Online marketing for a Hotel or Bed and Breakfast can be really tricky as it’s such a competitive market. If you add some real personality to your brand with some clever social media marketing you can really stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. Here’s a few little tips to get you started:

Add a “Like this” button to your web site

Adding a “Like this” button to your site is a super easy way to enable visitors and customers to recommend your site to their friends and family on Facebook. You can even use a free “bolt-in” service like Sharethis to add social sharing buttons to your site and it requires very little coding at all.

Get listed on Trip Advisor

Loads of people always check-out Trip Advisor reviews before they book a hotel or a bed and breakfast. It’s important to get your business listed and let people tell potential customers how good your bed and breakfast is. It’s really easy to get listed on Trip Advisor and will attract plenty of new bookings if you get some good reviews from happy customers.

Get your location registered on Google+ Business

This is so quick and easy to do and will definitely have a big effect on getting your business spotted in location based searches. By simply registering your business address with Google your Bed and Breakfast will show on Google maps, Google navigation on phones and also your location information will show in localised search results.

Create a a Facebook page and encourage guests to check-in

Most businesses are on Facebook, but if you’re not, get registered and add your B&B as a “Local Business or Place. This will allow visitors to “Check In” to your location and at the same time as telling their friends and family what they’re upto.. they’re also publicising your business to all their Facebook friends. It’s perfect for attracting to new customers!

Create an Instagram account and start showing-off

Instagram is brilliant platform to show-off how good your B&B is to potential customers. If you have a smart phone it’s really easy to install the free Instagram app and start snapping away with some good pics of your business and services. A few good examples off the top my head would be:

  • Take a few pictures of some of the delicious types of meals you offer. A good example would be a full English breakfast ready to be served.
  • Snap a few nice pictures of the surrounding area. For example is their a spectacular sunset over the bay or any local views or attractions that visitors will be tempted by.

It’s also super easy to sync an Instagram account with a Facebook page – this means your Instagram photos will be posted to your Facebook feed and can be liked and shared by all your Facebook friends, family and fans.

If you run a hotel or bed and breakfast and would like some more help with marketing your business online, then please get in-touch.

Thanks to Avid Hills for the picture of the rather tasty looking breakfast. Used under Attribution 2.0 Generic. I have only one question though.. why are there mushy peas on the breakfast?

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