5 content marketing ideas for a dental surgery

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I had a filling last week and whilst staring miserably into the lamp as the dentist did his work, I started thinking about content marketing ideas for a dentist. Thinking as a patient and also as an online marketeer – what cool content would I be interested in seeing and what would also attract me to going to that particular dental surgery for treatment.

Real patient testimonials

The most important factor for me when choosing a dentist is trust. I want a professional who I can trust to perform the work to a high standard and also be understanding of my worries or nerves. It would be great to show prospective customers real patient testimonials. This could be in the form of a quote on a site, but it would be so much better with a small Youtube video clip.

Hi, My Name’s Tom. I’ve been coming to this dental surgery since I was 12 and now I bring my own children here. I’ve got this delightful smile to thank them for.

This would ideally be hosted on Youtube as part of a video channel for the dental surgery and could be embedded into the site at key points. Not only does this generate good quality video content for search engines, it also tells potential patients that you’re dental work is good and you have many satisfied customers. They can literally see for themselves!

Product reviews by a dentist

When I go to the dentist I’m always asking him about what toothpaste is best or what electrical toothbrush would he recommend. People value the knowledge of a professional and this could be harnessed to market your dental surgery with product reviews. They could either be in the form of a blog post or a 5 minute Youtube video. Look at new products like electric toothbrushes, whitening products or toothpastes – try them out and review them. You could even generate further income from the reviews through affiliate links.

Tweet a live day in the surgery

Greater Manchester Police did a famous live tweet session where they tweeted all the emergency calls and Police actions taken over a 24hr period. Something similar could be applied to a day in a dental practice.. add in a bit of “tongue in cheek” humour and it’s guaranteed to get retweets. It would show potential customers what kind of treatments you perform, how busy you are and how many happy patients you treat in a day.

Ask a dentist?

There’s an existing #askadentist hashtag that’s already quite popular on twitter. This shows people have genuine questions that they’d like answered by dental professionals. They may be too poor to attend a dental surgery or just want some advice on a minor issue before making an appointment. You could either “piggy back” on the existing #askadentist hashtag to publicise your brand or start a new hashtag relevant to your surgery e.g. #askdrjones. For maximum exposure I would answer the questions with a short Youtube video on the surgery channel.

Instructional Youtube video series

Nothing as complicated as “How to do a root canal with a biro” more along the lines of a series of informative patient orientated videos on a surgery Youtube channel. They should be about a 5 minute video on a topic that’s relevant to your dental knowledge and also interesting for customers. Something like:

  • How to floss your teeth correctly?
  • What is a good brushing technique?
  • How to teach a child how to brush

This type of general interest6 content would be really good for increasing your wider brand over Youtube and also these videos will likely popup in search results and watched by people that have an interest in good dental hygiene or have a problem with their teeth.

Thanks to Bill Ward for the picture of the Lego dental surgery. Used under Attribution 2.0 Generic

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